Hygetropin HGH 8IU

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Hygetropin HGH

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Hygetropin HGH
Hygetropin™ is the trade name of synthetically created human growth hormone Somatropin (HGH).
Hygetropin™ is produced by recombinant DNA technology and is identical to the naturally produced in the human body growth hormone.
In humans it is produced by the pituitary gland and is released when received appropriate signals about such as during exercise, sleep, stress, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).
It stimulates human growth and cell reproduction, and regeneration.
Hygetropin™ is a polypeptide protein that contains 191 important amino acids for human beings.
In recent years, the popularity of the growth hormone as a means of therapy caused by age (degenerative) processes has increased.
In this sense, it is considered by many as the key to slowing the aging (anti-aging).
In elderly human growth hormone strengthens bones, promotes muscle growth, control fat metabolism and prevents blood vessels from atherosclerosis.
It is important to know that the released growth hormone itself has no direct effect, and stimulates the liver to produce and release insulin-like growth factor.
As we age, our bodies start produce less hGH. As hGH levels drop, your skin tone deadens, wrinkles appear, and skin slackens. You don’t sleep as well anymore.
You notice a decrease in your sex drive. That is a direct result of shifting hormone levels, plus changes in blood pressure and skin sensitivity; all of which are governed by hGH.
Your muscle tone diminishes as your body begins to store more fat.
This is due to decreased cell production and a reduced metabolic rate.
Your clarity of thought and memory begin to suffer.
This is due to the slower rejuvenation of cells; this time in your brain.
hGH directly and indirectly affects almost every part of your body.


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